Embellished London Sustainability Policy

Embellished London is a creative design brand, our area of expertise is needlework design. We specialise in crystal embellishment design to create contemporary British made hair accessories, including hair bows, bridal appliques, hairbands and fascinators. We also design jewellery and bespoke embellished clothing.

We have a deep appreciation of the planet we share and acknowledge the limited natural resources and record levels of global pollution caused by the fashion industry.

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to being responsible, having a positive impact on people and the planet so that we can protect it for future generations.

In order to be a responsible company we have a duty to protect the environment and find ways to limit and minimise the impacts of pollution and carbon footprint on natural resources on the environment through our design production, packaging and the suppliers we work with wherever possible.

Our commitments include the following:

  • Compliance with environmental legislation pertaining to pollution, climate change and prevention of pollution to land, air and water
  • We are committed to reducing our waste and use of raw materials and increasing our range of repurposed, recycled and regenerated alternative materials such as sourcing over stock fabric and using Oeko Tex and Global Recycled Standard certified materials
  • In order to keep fabric out of landfills, we always start making collections in small batches so there is no unnecessary overstock or waste, we then focus on effective collection planning and stock management to identify and reduce significant impacts of waste and unused materials 
  • Our masterclasses are all designed to teach you how to upcycle and give new life to pre-owned garments as well as educating and increasing awareness of how to be more sustainable in designing handmade garments we already own
  • Promoting energy conservation and efficiency in our production practices by providing appropriate training, guidance and information on sustainable working practices to employees
  • Continually improving our environmental performance and looking for more ways to offset our carbon footprint, we plant trees and donate unused sewing materials to schools


Our sustainability policy is communicated to all employees and suppliers. It is the responsibility of all staff to fully comply with the policy ensuring that their work is performed in a way that does not compromise the environment and our sustainable production practices.

Working towards continuous improvement, we will review the policy at a minimum on an annual basis and as required by legal requirements. We are always looking at ways to develop solutions to further improve efficiencies in our design production and continually reviewing new systems, technologies and materials that reduce our impact on the planet.