We use the best quality crystals in our designs, the crystals will not change colour or fade but to prevent discoloration of metals used in accessories, jewellery and crystal embellishments and to keep your bows & accessories looking amazing you must:

  • Avoid contact with water
  • Do not spray perfume over your bows or jewellery
  • Keep away from natural and direct sunlight
  • After use always put accessories back in the box or inside your dressing table
  • Do not wash, if cleaning is required only spot wash and avoid water contact with crystals if water comes into contact with crystals dry it using a hair dryer until completely dry

We test and use the best quality metals in our designs however due to the nature of metals, discolouration may occur over time. This is dependent on a number of factors such as the acidity of your skin and the way the jewellery has been looked after. 

Remove jewellery prior to exercising and swimming. Always wipe pieces if come into contact with water, allow to air dry and once fully dry store them out of sunlight.