Our Story


You’ve been on the search for that something special,

so glad you have found us! 

I’m Payal, I am passionate about creating beautiful designs and helping people find a creative therapeutic outlet through the art of embellishment design by teaching you all the skills you need in our embellishment masterclasses.

We’ve been creating unique designs, keeping up with trends and continually reviewing embellishment techniques to bring you innovative designs with exceptional craftsmanship.

My unique background in couture bridal embroidery, HR and environmental management has led me to create Embellished London, our design philosophy focuses on style, quality craftsmanship and sustainability.

In 2004 I was frustrated that I couldn’t find aesthetically appealing outfits with a wow factor and decided to travel throughout India where I started my design journey and learned the traditional art of hand embroidery. Since then, I have persevered and continued perfecting my craft, studied at the London College of Fashion and continued to create even more unique and creative designs by incorporating Swarovski and Preciosa crystals, rare sequins and beads to bring you the best of the best. We hope that our designs make it easy for you to find accessories that make a statement, bring out your inner sparkle and allow you to shop consciously knowing that our designs are made sustainably and ethically in London. Sign up to our mailing list so you never miss out on product launches and exclusive offers.

Embellished London Masterclasses

To share our love of all things craft we simplify learning the art of meticulous embellishment design through our masterclasses that we will be resuming soon.

We teach you how to design the most intricate and beautifully embellished designs using high quality crystals and beads, the designs that you create can be used on dresses, hair accessories, upcycling and even event décor.

We hope we can be a catalyst of change by inspiring more people to reuse, repurpose and upcycle their clothing and accessories by learning the skills of embellishment.  

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Sustainably & Ethically Made

We hand embellish all of our designs in London, by designing in the most ethical and sustainable way possible our production process produces less waste, we reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing from local suppliers, we recycle and reuse environmentally friendly materials as much as possible and use end of line, dead stock fabric that would otherwise go to waste as well as use non-toxic dying processes. People and the planet are causes that our close to our hear  We are proud to be ethical producers 

Embellished London Core Values 

Our vision is to inspire crafters to find innovative ways to be style conscious and fashion forward, focusing on creating sustainable fashion through learning handcrafting techniques, creating high quality and timeless designs and using the designs to revamp, restyle and upcycle your favourite outfits. 

Our mission is to teach crafters the art of handcrafted embellishments so they can learn the skills needed to create timeless masterpieces that will add the finishing touch to their outfits and accessories.

Our core values centre around the following: 


Being style focused when creating beautifully embellished contemporary appliques and accessories.


Having a creative mind set and focusing on mastering a skill that you can use across many design projects. 


Taking pride and being conscientiousness in creating a quality design, You can see the quality of our work from a distance; we take our time in creating a quality piece of work that will stand the test of time. 


Being eco-friendly by having a zero-waste philosophy, finding ways to re-use, upcycle, use deadstock fabric and recreate through handcrafting and being mindful of sustainability and our duty to the environment.